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Skylander Romance

Okay, I thought the last person to start this would be me. But I guess I could talk about this. All I know is Spyro X Cynder and Bash X Flashwing.
Speaking of Spyro and Cynder, I've found some.... "unnatural" pictures of them. I know that this might become a bit obscene, but...
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Pies from Darklight Crypt

So, it seems once Darklight Crypt is done on Giants, pies appear in all the levels. I'm curious to wonder where they all are.
So far I know two:

Autogyro Adventure's is on the hard pushblock challenge on the Machine.
Kaos' Kastle's is in the final battle before you can go in the castle.
Anyone know any more?
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Worst Skylanders Catchphrases

I vote:
Amp it up! (WTF?)
For the Wind! (Boring)
I'm the Bomb! What in tarnation!
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