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Pies from Darklight Crypt

So, it seems once Darklight Crypt is done on Giants, pies appear in all the levels. I'm curious to wonder where they all are.

So far I know two:

  • Autogyro Adventure's is on the hard pushblock challenge on the Machine.
  • Kaos' Kastle's is in the final battle before you can go in the castle.

Anyone know any more?

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REALNerfNinja6 wrote:
Autogyro Adventure's

Hey Semi, I initially ACCIDENTALLY typed in an 'R' instead of a 't' in 'Autogyro' so it said AUROGyro! Ha! Ha! LOL

The one in Time of the Giants is in the last battle gate with lots of Bone Compies and 3 Arkeyan Jousters.

SInce I completed Darklight Crypt, I've playedfour chapters and couldn't find any pies: The Not-So-Secret-Vault of Secrets, Aerial Attack, Troll Home Security and The Oracle.

Have you tried every elemental zone?
Semi-AutomaticAwesome57 wrote:
Have you tried every elemental zone?

Yeah, certainly in Aerial Attack. Somethnig tells m they aren't in every chapter.

I wonder if Dark has the answers.

Sorry for the late post, but a couple of days ago I found the one in Bringing Order to Kaos.

It's at the top of the part with the button - stand on it to make it turn in a certain direction. It's not too easy yto find though - it's kinda far at the back. It's before you battle the Crystal Golem.

Wilikin Village - In the Mace Major and Grenade General bit (GGs are intruduced here).

Drill X's Big Rig - Before you go on the first set of bounce pads on the stair-like thing (near a group of Enfuehgo Chompies).

Rumbletown - near where Auric is.

So, 7 successes. I think Junkyard Isles is the only chapter I haven't played since I completed DLC.

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