Link spirit tracks

Link as he appears in Spirit Tracks.


The Legend of Zelda is a game series where the character, Link, is sent on a quest, usually to save Princess Zelda.


The Legend of Zelda (1986)Edit

The original game for NES.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1989)Edit

The sequel for NES.

A Link to the Past (1992)Edit

The first Zelda for SNES.

Link's Awakening (1993)Edit

The first handheld Zelda for Game Boy.

Ocarina of Time (1995)Edit

The first 3D Zelda for N64.

Majora's Mask (1997)Edit

The second 3D Zelda for N64, using the Ocarina engine.

Oracle of Seasons/Ages (1999)Edit

The second handheld Zelda, first to co-interact for Game Boy Color.

Four Swords (2001)Edit

The first multiplayer Zelda for Game Boy Advance.

The Wind Waker (2002)Edit

The third 3D Zelda for Gamecube.

Four Swords Adventures (2004)Edit

The second multiplayer Zelda for Gamecube.

The Minish Cap (2005)Edit

The third handheld Zelda for Game Boy Advance.

Twilight Princess (2006)Edit

The fourth 3D Zelda for Wii.

Phantom Hourglass (2007)Edit

The fourth handhled Zelda for DS.

Spirit Tracks (2009)Edit

The fifth and last to date handheld Zelda for DS.

Skyward Sword (2011)Edit

The fifth and last to date 3D Zelda for Wii.

A Link Between Worlds (2013)Edit

The sixth handheld Zelda for 3DS.

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